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Hiba Abkar Youssef

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Jawaher Al-Anzi


Taqa Al-Najran

Three months ago, I replaced all my facial cleansing products with Pyary Turmeric soap. I found it to be very effective; it cleans deeply and might leave your skin a bit dry. However, that's not an issue for me because I have oily skin. I've replaced all my expensive washing products with this soap, saving me a lot of money.

abdalmonem h.

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Annapasandalan Pasndalan

ااخ يابنات وش اقول عنها ارهب صابونه بالحياه للوجه وللظهر والصدر تنسين شي اسمه حبوب وسعرها ولا شيي ماعمري طلبت الا واخذت منها حبتين او ثلاث بس لازم بعدها ترطيب قوي لانها تجفف البشره